Derby entry comments for Derby #149: Psychedelia

Wow! this is so nice!

5 colors on lemon! :smiley:

Great odysseyroc! Love the little details and your handdrawn lettering is off the charts awesome. :slight_smile:

This is absolutely stunning. Here’s hoping you avoid rejection based on the “no bunnies” rule. :frowning:

Ahhhh, that’s the sweet spot. Perfect design for this derby! GMV

To me, nothing is more psychodelic than colorful bears dancing.

Yes! Taquitos de pescado! mmmmm! +1

That lettering is insanely great.

Wow, I can almost smell the sixties. (and I wasn’t born then).

Very authentic vibe, perryn!

This shirt won’t harsh your gig man!

I like it. GMV.

Looks like a sheep to me…

Where I come from, fish is considered a vegetable.

hey thats not a bunny! thats a sheep!

Freakinhell…this…is badass…that is all…

I love hand lettering. Especially when you can make it all crazy and swirly.

Way to hit on a science geek/internet meme! Great use of the tail as a question mark!

Yeah the melting thing is so vague that to me it could be any number of things. I actually was looking over the entire design trying to spot the offending bunny.

Very cool! GMV!