Derby entry comments for Derby #149: Psychedelia

Nice execution. I have a friend who would go mad over this! GMV

Not quite as memorable a song by not quite as memorable a band. It would probably be much more fun to live in a blimp though. More room, less dark, fresh air. It might actually be pretty fun.

Well, this is about as on-theme as anyone is going to get.

Amazing illo, alex! +1


What a perfect execution! I :heart: it!

Lovely colors too. You always bring great creative ideas to the derby, Diana! GMV.


Woot needs to implement some sort of instant win rule. This is way too good and shouldn’t have to be in a derby. I’d buy 3 today!

Ouch. I think it’s pretty cool but maybe the vector edges on the tree could use some blending and blurring.

I love those little horsehoe eyes. The whole styling and coloring of this is fab!

Easy ★★★★★!

Totally. I started out paining signs (and sucking at it), so I have a real appreciation for great lettering. I think I’d buy your design on the lettering alone.

Groovy. I think I’d like this even more if the lion was sitting with some friends… maybe one with funky stripes, another with funky spots.

As soon as the derby was announced, I couldn’t get the phrases, “free your mind,” and, “open your mind,” out of my head, so I though a literal interpenetration of phrase would be a good way to go.

Hope you guys like it!

So much energy! The multi-colored edges to the atomic halos really amp it up.

Sweet. :^)

Halftone detail:

Awesome job as usual SG!

This MUST print!!!

this is awesome!

Wowie wow wow. Those are some beastly halftones

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