Derby entry comments for Derby #150: Intergalactic Cup

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It’s soccer, but foosball style!

This artificial life team, hailing from the recently robo-formed moon of Phobos, employ the most successful soccer strategy seen in the Intergalactic Cup to date. Basing their formation on an old Earth table game, the Foosbatrons are undefeated for 7 straight cups!

Spin to win!

Here’s a detail:

This is six colors on blue. Wear this shirt for luck the next time you play some foosball, or for something out of the ordinary while you’re enjoying the 2010 South Africa World Cup! You can view a big version here.

Thanks so much for looking, please vote if you like this design!


The big bang was just a big kick!

Check the binary for me folks. I’m sure the colors aren’t woot friendly but I like it.

Inspiration for this design:

  1. The team logo is based on the astrological symbol for Uranus.
  2. I thought the symbol was kind of cool.
  3. Uranus is a funny word.

Mind Games

In the future sports will be played with the power… of the MIND! Players from around the solar system compete in a sport that involves materializing (and dematerializing) the ball and trying to wrest control of it from the other persons mental grip.

Folks from different planets, just kickin around the ol’ ball.

Please vote for my Intergalactic Cup 2129 official t-shirt!

I’m sticking with the assumption that they really meant ONLY football/soccer. 3 colors on navy.

<3 colors.

Lasers Are Involved

In your FACE, World Cup!

This is really cute, jasneko. Good luck!


Fantastic Logo.

I don’t really understand how this would work as a play… in any sport.

This year’s venue…

This is crazy good! Yep, the colors are great and the design is full of life. GMV!

(And some people thought the theme would be boring?)

I love that champion’s league comercial with the light-up ball, this reminds me of that, so… hurrah.

I actually think the colors are pretty happening. :^)

Nice design, cc!


Very amusing. I was thinking of doing something around the word ‘football’ vs soccer (still might), but this is really funny:)