Derby entry comments for Derby #158: Physics

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HUGE thanks to everyone in the pre-derby thread for all your help!!:slight_smile:

Well, you have to know these things when you’re a king, you know.

Here is the promised second (improved?) version of the shirt:

The Force of Attraction

Five colors!

Some detail here:

This is a Monty Python joke, yes?

“Splitting an Atom”

That neutron on the left is kind of a jerkface.

6 colors on black with halftones. Enlargements below to show halftones. Thanks for checking it out!

awesome shirt walmazan, lovin the art style/picture as usual, though I have to say, seeing as how I already have four royal blue shirts, I think I may have to pass on this just for the color alone. Oh well. GMV though :wink:

Retro Physics.

This is only my second derby entry ever. Any criticism you may have is welcome. I need to learn the ropes. Thanks for taking a look!

Tasty flower . …
Stupid Physics . . .

I like it, but strictly speaking, the swallows are missing actual swallow tails.

Similar shirt exists, and is currently being sold on this very site.

The Physics of Crossing the Road

I want to give up my earthly possessions and become Walmazan’s apprentice…(bows down in worship)

Needless to say, GMV!!!

physics as driving force behind tecnology and transformation (metamorphosis)

~Electronics is part of physics~

To quote Gary Busey, “I’m pretty sure rainbows are just prism jism.” It’s so wrong but I’m so giggling.

Please take the time to vote for Version 2.

Thanks as always for your support!

These are South African swallows.

This is how I felt all the way to my neutrons last night.

Hope you enjoy!

I’m fairly certain that ocean waves are formed by their love of surfing.

hahaha! so awesome! +1