Derby entry comments for Derby #158: Physics

lol eh well. It is a fun topic online. Take it how you will.




Hey hey, so what if they CAN walk downstairs.

They don’t willingly though. My farmer friends tell me how hard it is to lead a cow down stairs.

Me Likey!!!

Lol, I keep viewing this design just to laugh. Reminds me of the aftermath of catspinning. Good times. Man I hope this can get in the fog.

I’m so sorry it got bizanned… ):

I really love this shirt, its totally shirt-able.

I feel people choose pretty designs over whats actually wearable.

And I dont know what the rejectionators problem is.

Better luck next time I guess. Youre very talented, I can’t wait to see waht you have next.

Duly noted!

I’m hopin’ too! Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy it.

I’m sorry bout your Zombie kitty. 100% original, I don’t care what anyone else says.

Thanks, good people, for the good words. Methinks my brain hiccupped because I knew better than to put Q’s and bunnies in the design, and I kicked myself after everybody pointed it out. However, as nifty the idea of cheshire cats may be, flying death rabbits drop thermonuclear pocket watches, not disappearing kitty cats, so I’ll just have to be more careful next time.

I always thought the whole wave-particle duality shebang was pretty cool.

I tweaked the colors and design a bit to make it show up better on the shirt.

Dude its kool.

They’ve been allowing bunnies a lot lately.

Juts resub it man, you can do it! :smiley:

I love this design <3

They do show up better! Good tweak

You have used more than 6 colors of ink, which is against woot’s rules. You have also used gradients that they can’t print. I recommend you change these things in your design, or you could face rejection.

Much better

Thanks for the input!

I understand what you are saying, and thanks for the compliment, but my design is not merely visible, its content is light. The theme is light. In fact, it is entirely composed of rays and beams of light, made distinguishable by the particular phenomenon I was interested in, “crepuscular rays,” which usually occur at sunset brought on by shadows from clouds. The opening to the cave functions as the shadow-producing element in this case.

It’s true that I set out to make a design that was not “about” physics. I did not want a reference to the field itself, physicists, or other aspects that would create a self-referential meaning. I wanted something that would demonstrate physics in the natural world, something that physicists would study, but that wouldn’t be a model, a symbol, or something only found in a lab. Only a comparative few shirts in the derby are “about” physics (like the Phive Physibots, Cold Fusion, Retro Physics, e.g.), the rest feature something physical that physicists would study. Mine is no different. Thanks again for your feedback.


I think you should stop replying to these. Your fingers are gonna break off LOL.

Haters gonna hate dawg, I’m glad you take it in stride though. You take criticism very well <3

do not want!

yea how can this get regected when there is a design in the fog with text in it?? and this is nothing like the other shirt.