Derby entry comments for Derby #160: The End of the World

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If you’re just joining us, we have live footage of the monster that moments ago tore down the Washington monument. It now appears to be drooling while it stirs the great landmark inside the dome of the Capitol building - no word on whether congress made it out safely. Radioactive wildfires are raging across the skyline… it’s… it’s like the end of the world out here.

Man, that cotton candy sure looks good though.

This shirt uses six colors on grass green. The color effects are made with chunky halftones. Here are some details:

Thanks for looking! You can view a BIG VERSION here. Please vote if you like this design! :slight_smile:


Forgive me for the absurdity. I don’t even know how a shark is gonna end the world, but just revel in the fact that this is never gonna happen :slight_smile:

Stick Figure Uprising.

It will be the end of us. Surely.

Not a bad way to end right? In sticky strawberry sweetness.

Oh you’re fast SpiritGreen, hahah! Very cute entry!

My dad thinks Twitter is going to lead to the destruction of the planet. He may be on to something.

Vote then tweet!

REM knew what the beginning of the end would start with…

This one. That is all. +1

(rolls around swooning over this!!! So awesome!)

“Unexpected Error”

Really a fox that big made out of fire wrapped around the earth can only mean doom.

It takes a long time to draw stuff in illustrator.

Then kabooooooom!!!

HAHAHA awesome!

That looks like a little earth sperm.

Lovely, so lovely spiritgreen! Wonderfully done - delightful style and colors!

Nice 'splosion. I like.

The Sun is predicted to become a red giant in approximately five billion years. we got time.

Lovely colors and illustration, DF. Really sharp! :^)

Best entry thus far.

Reminds me of my web browser.