Derby entry comments for Derby #160: The End of the World

Three colors on brown.
A twist on the famous Armstrong moon landing photograph. Even with Earth decimated and lifeless, there is still hope.

I love the expressions.


Six colors on navy.

iPod zombie meteor! Aaaaagh! D:

(there’s no text on it, right?)

Gorgeous! Your use of negative space is brilliant. I really like the palette you’ve chosen. GMV +1

Absurdly AWESOME.

This is what’ll happen if you don’t eat your fruit and veggies, kids!

So random. I love it. :slight_smile:

Great artwork and funny!

yeah, no text

I can believe that.

Maybe too much, no?

Our only hope is now is Chrome, but is it at the Opera or on Safari?


…but GMV.

Now that I have this submitted, I think I need some lunch.

Simple, very cool.

copy paste , paste… there, all done.

Tweeted out of the solar system. What an inauspicious end for a fine young planet.

Great design! +1 from me, fishbiscuit5. :slight_smile:

wherever Chrome is, I bet it’s exploring the internet.

We all know it ain’t over 'til the fat lady sings, but oh boy, when she sings, it’s all over…3 colors on black