Derby entry comments for Derby #161: Double-Take Derby 10

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This t-shirt has ended unexpectedly.


This shirt is six colors on grass green. Please vote if you like this design! :slight_smile:


This is a personal favorite of my designs - would really like to wear it! Thanks for the love before, and please vote if you like it:)

No kitties were harmed in the making of this shirt.
Not meant to be a guide for pet owners.


Unattainable Dream jobs: —

Time travelling Rockstar: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Robotic cop : Robocop
Paranormal Exterminator : Ghostbusters
Irresistable 50’s mechanic : Happy Days
Boy Wizard : Harry Potter
Supernatural archaeologist : Indiana Jones
Fantasy Warrior : He-Man
Whale-rescue Kid : Free Willy
Friendly Ghost : Casper
Superhero Scientist : Fantastic Four

Here’s a close up detail:


This shirt is six colors on asphalt. Please vote if you like this design! :slight_smile:


Come on you little contagious bastards. I want you. :slight_smile:

Were you Aware?
Coined in 1969, the word pixel is a portmanteau of the words picture and element?

Were you Aware?
This design’s resolution is 67x69 pixels?

Were you Aware?
Before I was a vector artist, I was a pixel artist?

Were you Aware?
I never actually listened to the song this design is inspired by until after I finished making it? (I couldn’t stop listening to I Am The Walrus instead).

Were you Aware?
One of the band’s original names was The Silver Beatles? What? You were aware? Well la-di-da, mr. know-it-all-pants.

So pleased my “secret happy ending” to the Laika story got another chance. Thanks Woot!

Close up detail:


This shirt is six colors on black. Please vote if you like this design! :slight_smile:


Outbreak! I’m anticipating a pandemic of highly contagious shirts this time around, Boots!

This needs to print. :^)

This was made for the Physics derby!

Still awesome, but this time off to a flying start. Yes!

It’s so good to see this design up in the double take derby! The characters are great and the logic is subtle and hilarious!

+1 GMV Probably will buy 2 or 3 if it prints!

Seriously, why would anyone want to wear this shirt? Are you trying to advertise that you have all of these diseases?

Desperately hoping for a lucky1988 print this time around. (Especially if it’s this one!)

This was made for the “Shirt You’d wear to a Job Interview” derby.

Great work as always DeadFrog! GMV +1 There are just too many awesome shirts in this derby to only have 3 winners.

Heh heh, this was made for the “Kawaii!!!1” derby. Though I’d been working on it for awhile before that.

I’m really excited to see this one get another shot. Thanks Woot!

I think it’s targeted at people with a sense of humor.