Derby entry comments for Derby #162: Cryptozoology Redux

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I’m pretty sure both Kraken and Unicorn are mythological creatures, not cryptozoological.

Rumoured to be found in the Gobi Desert.
*“When threatened, the animal strikes its tail against the ground (an alarm action that is used by many different types of animal) and then proceeds to inflate itself considerably. Reports differ on how big it is after inflation, and range up to the size of a yurt (a small Mongolian tent-like dwelling).” *

Found here for your reading enjoyment.

Symptoms may differ when it happens on giant squid

The text on the top translates to “The breeding of mermaids.” In a recent ground-breaking discovery it was found that being a person is nothing more than a fish phenotype of the recessive ll allele of the limb-type gene. Merpeople occur when the offspring express the Ll allele.

“It’s a hoax! Everybody knows the Jack of Jackalopes is just a regular old Jack of Clubs with the horns from the Jack of Deers glued on it. Either that, or a Jack of Hearts infected with the Shope Papilloma Virus.”

I am Deadfrog. I decided to use my real name now. No more hiding. No more games. Not even Scrabble. Well, maybe sometimes Scrabble, but I’m not going to play Axis and Allies anymore. It just takes too long.

Anyway…Deadfrog is now Michael Evans.

Michael Evans

It’s a Hoop Snake! :slight_smile:
This is my first Derby entry.
Thanks for taking a look, and I enjoy being along for the ride.

looks awesome. but might get rejected due to not crypto…and it appears outside the printable area

This particular hoop snake is practicing for the local hula hoop contest.
He’s starting out with a couple hoops around his neck.
Let’s see how many hoops he can twirl on his arms…oh…hmmm. Well, how about his le…no. His wais…hrm.
Ok, just how many hoops CAN he twirl on his neck?

Here we find a particularly rare specimen of gargantuan elephant who nests just below the surface of fresh water lakes. He is native to the Scottish Highlands and feeds on conspiracy theorists and out of work photographers.

…The Wolpertinger (Crisensus bavaricus) (also called Wolperdinger, Poontinger or Woiperdinger) is a fictional animal said to inhabit the alpine forests of Bavaria in Germany. It has a body comprised from various animal parts—generally wings and fangs…

Huge Letdown

4 colors on Heather gray

I hope you like it!

Based on the South Carolina Lizard Man of Lee County.

This is the first design where I used my Wacom tablet like a sketchbook. It was pretty fun!

Here we see the Dobhar-chu, a terrifyingly large, maneating otter from Ireland. This especially big one is using the familiar sea otter method of opening tricky food sources - bashing them on a rock balanced on their tummy!

A detail:

This shirt is six colors on asphalt. You can see a BIG VERSION here. Thanks for looking! Please vote if you like this design. :slight_smile:


Wow! This was my originally idea. Really glad I didn’t do it, I would have just embarrassed myself! Nice.

Kraken is on the list and unicorns are sometimes described as cryptids (a creature whose existence has been suggested but that is unrecognized by a scientific consensus).

Love this one, Spirit. The details are great. :slight_smile: I think most of us have a soft spot for otters…

This is really cool, love your colors and I haven’t seen you use this style before. :^)

But but Michael Evans isn’t even a frog at all…