Derby entry comments for Derby #164: Prehistoric Art

why all the outrage on this one but not the Cheeseburger cat or the sesame street one?

I was gonna do the classic pose from the movie posters, but it didn’t quite work with the idea. And thanks! I still suck, but at least my idea comes across. :slight_smile:

Awwww, you’re WAY too nice to me!

This is fantastic, can’t wait till it wins and I can buy one.

I think it’s just a matter of precedence.
The Sesame Street one did get rejected, and rightfully so.
I’m hoping both the cheeburger and the ceiling cat will be as well.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, love me a GnR reference!

amazing i like your colouring :smiley: +1
ps: i hope you get your graphics tablet soon :smiley:

Thanks, Sergio!
The tablet is scheduled to arrive on Monday. woo hoo

A - chzbrger cat is clearly parody of an internet meme. We also, I believe, have a ceiling smilodon. Both are in the public domain.
B - not sure about the ‘sesame street’ one - haven’t run across it yet.
C - Calvin and Hobbes is exclusive to the artist who created it and is not free to copy. And, because this doesn’t effectively parody, it’s infringing on copyright.

Your design is suffering from the resizing Woot had to do to fit the 580X580 comp limit. If you do the resizing and keep your ratio locked, and resubmit, it’ll look a lot better.

Oh man, I do love your stuff. I think this might be a bit big on the shirt, tho. For that matter, I might’ve omitted some of the cave and made the abduction itself more central to the composition.

Ahhh, ha,ha,ha! Ole this, enano!

You’re giving a pretty good imitation of one!
If this prints, I GOTTA have it. I have a thing for those moai. I have little statues, a moai on a wall, and even a concrete moai in my garden!

i don’t know why you say that. i don’t think it sucks at all. it’s pretty danged good.

Welll, to be honest, this doesn’t appear to be a rendering of la giaconda, but a copy, with parts cut out. I’m not saying it isn’t an interesting, even clever idea. But it certainly isn’t great art.

Ceiling Smilodon vants to be aloooone.

I’m not sure what the problem is with this. It may be the lack of panels? Some continuation to indicate the progression…?

I agree - the execution is flawless. I am puzzled by the concept, tho. I guess others might be too.

Nope. Definitely not. This is perfect. I just don’t think it has enough pizazz to beat out other cuter or more colorful stuff.
It really is true to the idea of a sports logo, though.

lol! I didn’t expect this from the thumbnail. Fun!