Derby entry comments for Derby #165: The Scientific Method

So good.

I’ll throw this out now - I’m not just a ramy hater. I own some ramy designs. Under different circumstances, I MIGHT get this one. So you can’t just dismiss my criticism that way.

Ramy demonstrated none of the things you just said. Moreover, when this was designed, it wasn’t intended to show any of things you OR Ramy said it was - it was in events of 2009, and tenuously there as well. It’s a barely changed resub here, so I find it hard to swallow that suddenly this design was meant to be something completely different than it was 9 months ago (while still being almost identical to it). (I also don’t think Ramy’s description makes sense, but I’m tired right now so I’ll reread it later before I respond to it)

Basically, there’s not really a way to justify this as a display of the scientific method given the entry’s history and it’s current state. If it were significantly reworked, maybe!

I love hexagons.

I’m wondering why this isn’t in the fog, and my only explanation is that many wooters must have irrational fears of little dancing monkeys. It’s either that or the phonograph–those things can make pretty ominous shadows in the dark.

They all just haters! Keep doing your thing, it’s fantastic.

haha; okay. I just hate being really pedantic but I fell in love with genetics in 8th grade so I will ramble…

isn’t this how Watson and Crick came up with DNA’s structure - stealing her pictures? As well as Chargraff’s ideas… I’m glad you also pointed out that you couldn’t see her picture in the design (I couldn’t either). I think I recall reading that you work with genetics as well so I figured you’d catch that. I honestly would think that was pretty awesome(referencing Franklin, who died young and didn’t receive the Nobel…) and could see that working into the scientific method theme if there were other references to the milestones of DNA discovery…like the Hershey/Chase experiments, Griffith and Avery…you could even go as far back as to the time when they separated the study of chromosomes from embryology - and of course, the great Mendel. All of those moments required use of the scientific method. :\ This is a really difficult theme…

edit: after staring at it for a while though; I did see Dr. Franklin’s design wayyyy in the background which I found unfortunate as I still wish she had received more recognition during her (short) lifetime so I always think of her photograph as something that should be very prominent.

I dont see how this is related to the theme

I just finished doing my calc HW and saw this
really good job, hope it gets foged

How is it not related, do you not see the carbon molecular structure there?

That’s science. This is supposed to be scientific method: a theory, an experiment, someone hypothesizing an idea, trying out things. A carbon molecule on a shirt does none of these things.

if only…if only

I studied and tried t learn binary code, had it down for a couple of weeks…but if you don’t constantly decode these things you lose it.

I really wish more people understood this +1

I don’t know if this is ‘on theme’ or not but I’d just like to say I’d buy this shirt in an instant if it existed at this moment. Hilarious play on words

I have a feeling this is going to get rejected with the H, O, X, Y, etc. it may slip by though with how wmall they are.

I think that it’s both abstract and loosely tied to scientific method. A lot moreso than most of the shirt designs I’ve seen thus far for this derby.

you could always resubmit for a more appropriate derby.

I’d want one when you resubmit in a more appropriate derby :smiley:

Lion-o!!! I have a Lion-o action figure about a foot and a half away from me as I type this. Best show ever.

This is a shirt I can stand behind, and a nice departure from your usual style. Good job :slight_smile:

Maybe a slight smattering of color either on the jelly or make it look like jelly got on the schematics, I think that would sell it even better, then it would also be applied science.