Derby entry comments for Derby #166: Things That Start With the Letter C

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Hans Muenster, Sir Percival Stilton, Amelie Brie, Lukas Emmental, Lars Gouda and one crazy cracker.

Here’s a close-up detail:

This shirt is six colors on light blue, you can check out all the fancy details in the BIG VERSION here.

Thanks for looking at my selection of cheeses. Before moving on to coffee and afterdinner mints please vote if you like this design! :slight_smile:


9 strips of bacon and half a pound of beef on a sesame seed bun. Almost gives you a heart attack just looking at it :wink:

Slice the blue cheese first… that stuff is just nasty. Love the concept, great use of a word that most people will hot use!

Cannibal Cookie.

Thanks for all the feedback earlier everyone!

Jokes on them. It’s a garden burger and turkey bacon.


SNAP! PUM! PLAS!, I hope you like it!

“Caterpillar Cat”

The elusive caterpillar cat. It eats all the food, plays with all the toys, and ruins all the furniture before molting and disappearing into the night.

This turned out great! Not my kind of shirt, but Still… this looks awesome. GMV.

copyCAT CATastrophe

WIN! I love this. You have my $10 for sure if it prints.

Cello Crab on cranberry.

I bought a new set of French Curves the other day and was having lots of fun with them.

“It’s a chiken, it’s a taco…It’s a CHICKEN TACO!” Ron Popeil

Wow… seriously adorable!!!

Click each for a larger view of it. I hope you like it!




Excellent! I love this :). The smore is my favorite, teehee.

very interesting concept… i love the colors, but i would have liked to see something more in the middle of the world… its kinda like a black hole or something, but i love this shirt overall!

Great work as always. I can’t wait for the rest of yours this week. Keep em coming!