Derby entry comments for Derby #166: Things That Start With the Letter C

what? cobra’s like to feel sexy sometimes too.

this chinchi has had one too many cups of joe, i don’t think the sugar helped either.

Cookie Crook Captured, Cops Claim

Calorie Burning

No more hours in the gym! guaranty results!

Some detail:


if you thought crabs were mean, just try meeting a crabgoat.

Stylish, and a very clever use of the limited palette!

Steven Hawking in his latest book stated that the spontaneous self-creation of the universe “out of nothing” is evidence that a creator was not involved. Except maybe in the form of a comet seeding a planet as depicted here.

Love it, love that it’s on red!

ORDINARY SOLUTION: Involves an awful lot of rowing. Forget that mess.

ALTERNATE SOLUTION: Use the sack of corn to beat the chicken and fox unconscious, then cross at your leisure.

ALTERNATE SOLUTION: Wait for the chicken to lay some eggs, then trade them for a better canoe.

ALTERNATE SOLUTION: Pawn the work off onto the one guy that always lies and the other guy who always tells the truth.

ALTERNATE SOLUTION: Wait for winter, and the river will freeze over.

ALTERNATE SOLUTION: Submit the fox to customs authorities. What were you thinking, smuggling wildlife like that!?

> Ford river
> Wagon has capsized!
> You have lost corn (3lbs)
> THEFOX has died of dysentery

For those not in the know. But Wikipedia chose the lamest version of this riddle. Goose and beans? Really?

My boyfriend and I are planning on getting a Corgi once we have our own place and are actually allowed to have pets, so I am a little in love with this shirt.

definetely laughed out loud seeing this one… nicely done :slight_smile:

Glorious ball 'o corgis!

I don’t know about you but, when I spill coffee on my shirt, I draw cats on the stains.

Very clean looking, even with all of the halftones going on.

Cool beans! :^)

Chocula, by armbar

“When I was seventeen…
it was a very good year.”

Chocolate and vanilla kitties… Yum!

It’s a crab can can! :smiley:

Hmmm…I bet it’s a Canon…nice work Radiomode, but they might getcha for “Copy”…no text this week.