Derby entry comments for Derby #171: Meat

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Pigs are tasty. Pigs know they are tasty.
Pigs everywhere are joining together to try to convince humans of other meat alternatives.
I think this one is grasping at straws…but hey, he’s trying.


This is six colors on navy. View a BIG VERSION!

Sponsored by AL’s steak sauce. (not to be confused with A1.)

Thanks for looking! Please vote if you like this design! :slight_smile:


One for the vegetarians, those who don’t want meat all over their shirts, or those who just like it!:slight_smile:

Thanks for the help in the pre-derby thread!

No animals were harmed in the making of this shirt.

As a vegetarian, this is about all I know…

Next Labor Day or warm summer evening that you spend with family and friends grilling. Remember those who fought for our right to grill in freedom.

Hope you enjoy and thanks.

“Hot Dog’s Identity Crisis”

5 colors on Royal Blue.

NICE!! lol

Here’s a couple of design details:



Instant favorite. :^)

The hot dog even looks like a combination of all three (color-wise).


6 colors on brown.

I took the summer/early fall off from tshirts. Figured “Meat” Derby was a good one to return on :slight_smile:

Great shirt. Love it on the green! GMV

OOPS! Here is the detail:


Just thought you should know.

An Honest Meal.


Drawing: Odysseyroc and Drakxxx
Colors: Odysseyroc

Is it Meatapalooza time already? Alright! Some of my favorite bands are playing. Canned Meat, Spam Halen, Lincoln Pork… I can’t wait to get there!!

Welcome back…delightful design.