Derby entry comments for Derby #172: Home for the Holidays


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When returning to your igloo after searching all day out on the tundra for a festive tree, double-check it’s not going to eat you.

Here’s a close-up detail:

This is five colors on a blue shirt. View a BIG VERSION!

Thanks for looking! Please vote if you like this design! :slight_smile:



Saved :slight_smile:


Dinner With Friends.

Everyone’s home for the holiday feast.

(thanks everyone for the help in the pre-derby thread)


Pretty sure the Coca-Cola bears are copyrighted. And since there’s no parody…


Walking walking in to my table! Ready for holidays!

So different than my usual stuff, but what the heck! I hope you like it!


Father. Son. Holiday Spirit.

6 colors on navy.

Nothing like going home for the holidays and having a drink with dad. Or a couple.


You already know how I feel about this one! Love it and really hope it wins.


Sometimes it is important to take a break from terrorizing people in the wilderness and just come home to spend time with family.


I would love to wear this for Thanksgiving. Great job.


D’awww, you big softie.

Very nicely done, Ramy. :slight_smile:


“Packing Peanuts”

3 colors on royal blue.

Thanks for the pre-derby help!:slight_smile:


It’s so different for you! I like it. I’m a big fan of simple designs. They’re the ones I wear the most.


Love the styling of the characters! Coolness :slight_smile:




Thanks, Lumy. :slight_smile:


figured it’d be okay since nothing says Coca-Cola, and it’s a clear parody.


Fairy Tale mash-up. I like it.


I like the mood on this one. GMV


Thanks marchchcic7!

Oh, I meant to add that the two constellations in the sky are Ursa Major (the bear) and Orion (the hunter). This is not at all important, unless it is.