Derby entry comments for Derby #174: Crosshatch

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A collaboration between DianaSprinkle and Bassanimation. Bass drew the image and I inked and crosshatched it. I love crosshatching. This is all hand inked and scanned in.

Here are some close ups:

Took a hell of a lot longer than I thought.

I’ve actually considered doing this before. Got called into a meeting and was wearing a white undershirt. I have sharpies in the desk drawer…

If it prints I can wear it daily just in case.

Thanks for looking =)


minions don’t need a boss

I really dig the trees in the tail feathers. Drew my eye right to it when I first saw the image.
Only thing is I’m not a fan of white shirts cause with my messy self I’ll wear them like twice before I get some sort of stain on it that won’t come out.

The Twirl.


HAHA This rocks! I in particular like the ears of the little guys.

Grave of fireflies

Ooh, it’s a little blurry. Owell, I’m gonna post close-ups later.

The reason this is on a white shirt is because it belongs there, in my opinion. This derby, to me, is a celebration of an art technique that’s as old as art itself. What better way to depict and honor that tradition than with a “pencil on stark white paper” look?


is this on asphalt or black?

Pretty damned awesome. Glad you spruced up the frame, really makes it shine.

Lol! I love mustaches!

Yeah, I didn’t notice them at first. Those are a great addition.


He is just so adorable!

The colors really melt together nicely.

Thanks guys! It somehow ate my first comment, doh!

Yeah, was listening to mumford.