Derby entry comments for Derby #177: I Love The Arctic

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My favorite thing about the Arctic? Definitely narwhals.

Gunnbjørn Fjeld
6 colors on light blue.

So of course we have three popular arctic animals representing…polar bear, walrus, arctic hare.
They’re all dressed in Inuit clothing (or my representation thereof). :slight_smile:
The snowglobe depicts the fragility of the arctic refuge, and how everyone thinks a snowglobe is a toy but really isn’t.

6 colors on asphalt.

The Arctic circle is all of the land, ocean and sky northward of sixty six and 33’ degrees on the globe.

It is a place of surprising biodiversity. For this design I’ve drawn sixty six (!) animals indigineous to the Arctic. An Arctic circle of life.

This is white on a navy shirt. You can view a BIG VERSION here. Thanks for looking, please vote if you like this design!



That poor arctic fox has meet his match.

I always find it fascinating how animals deal with a harsh and dangerous environment and not only live but thrive.

**Evil Narwhal Favors Global Warming. **

inspired by this:

And some details pics:

saved :slight_smile:

What you have here is a dual purpose message that Arctic Lovers and Internet Gurus can equally enjoy. I mean, that’s what you get when you combine the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with Woot isn’t it?

This is the first time using only 3 colors. It’s also the first entry I’ve done on white. And probably the only (what you could consider) slogan shirt. All default negative points aside, I hope you like it anyway.

hahah! yes!

Everyone likes resubs more than the originals anyway.

Thank you and have a super weekend everyone!

Star Crossed Artic Love. Hope ya’ll like it.

totally worth it though. that bear is gorgeous.

Polar bears love to dance. And they love clubbing seals. Let’s go clubbing!

He’ll never eat her.

Nicely done! I like the pink hat on the walrus!

whatttt…two amazing submissions in five minutes?

Oh look, it’s another taco design.