Derby entry comments for Derby #179: When Toys Attack!

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Catnip toys attack! State of kitty euphoria beyond recommended levels!

Here’s a close-up detail:

(See the whole thing in the BIG VERSION here.)

Thanks for looking! This is six colors on light blue. Please vote if you like this design. :slight_smile:

Happy holidays,

Detectives, allow me to show you exhibit A: a hunting knife, the alleged weapon used to commit this horrific crime; exhibit B: an old-fashioned wind-up key; and exhibit C: tiny little footprints that clearly came from no human I have ever seen. Now sirs, I implore you to use your powers of deductive reasoning and solve this heinous crime so that we may bring closure to the family of the poor deceased teddy bear.

A close-up of the halftones:

All around the mulberry bush, the pirate chased the kraken…

**Target Secured. **

When the Bop-Bag has had enough!!!

Oh the humanity…

When old toys get pushed aside for new ones, you better be prepared before their haunting face of jealousy comes back for a psychological thriller…

They’re not nice, they’re just drawn that way…

Marbles are awesome to draw. This is a six color design for a navy shirt. Here are some close-ups:

“Oh, lost your eyes? We’ll just sew some buttons on there instead… Doesn’t feel so great, huh? Doesn’t seem like such a good idea now, does it? Does it!!!”

Teddy’s revenge!

Cool work, Patrick. It all really pops and that ground texture is neat.


Haha. Cute.

Did someone say the word “Whack”?

Very pretty, Loop.

Look out, it’s a Whack-u-mole!



just try and take him home…

if she had only known what she was in for when they sewed in the little fabric hearts…

Your first two words were what I was going to write, so I’ll just say - ditto!

Sooo cute Spiritgreen <3 If only my kittens got so dreamy with their catnip mice…for some reason they kind of ignore them compared to other toys. Really adorable design all the way through!

PS. When I saw this in the pre-derby thread, I was both like ‘awwww’ and ‘noooo’ because I had a cat with attacking cat toys idea too… oh well!:wink: