Derby entry comments for Derby #183: The Stars


Your sig links aren’t working. I don’t know if its just me or everyone, but just a lil’ FYI.

Cool concept too! I agree about the blue box too, but since both the T and the blue are dark, its not the big of a deal to me. Still works and looks great.


Oh, man… This is too cute. <3 for you.


I think this is really quite beautiful. I love the geometry of it; I’m partial to circular designs myself. I really dig the burnished yellows that you used, too; they’re just saturated enough to keep the design from feeling overly-antique, and the highlights pop beautifully on the asphalt t-shirt. I only wish I could see the full design closer/larger, because it looks like you put some great detail into it. But, still: I would buy this in a heartbeat.

Hurray for us first-timers! High-five! -:smiley:


That sucks…sorry about the rejection.


Thanks so much for the comment! I appreciate the kind words. -:smiley: I’m generally a fan of simpler designs – partly because it’s a style I’m partial to, and partly because I’m still learning Illustrator and I’m not quite talented enough to execute crazy-detailed pieces of art. Not yet, anyway. -:] In any case, I’m really glad you liked it. -:smiley: You may have made my day. Just sayin’.

I could swear I recognize your name. You’ve sold here before, yeah? If so, I think I own one of your shirts. -xD



Kasey and Rglee, you did an amazing work! love the feeling in this tee!


What a nice colors and composition! I like it!


Thanks Odysseyroc! I really thought nearly 5 days without rejection meant I was safe.

I really hope you place. You’re long over due for your first print.


Thanks Lagbert. I hope you find a home for this design, because I’d buy it in a second.


You need to purchase something from any of the five woot sites –,,,, or :happy:


come’on. At least get to 50! :slight_smile:


This certainly does qualify as an awesome shirt, so it is very suitable for hanging indeed. :smiley: I’d wear it, myself.

Best of luck to you on this one, bro. I love it. You’ve got a real knack for color.


Solid execution and funny idea! Exactly what I look for. The only reason I can think you’re not doing better is that the idea isn’t obvious enough – it’s only because I know what the theme is that this makes sense. Walking down the street and seeing this for 5 seconds, I probably wouldn’t get it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – subtlety is nice – but subtlety doesn’t usually get you 100s of votes around here.


What I think is best about this is that she might be wearing nothing but a towel but he’s technically completely naked. :smiley: hilarious!

Totally knew this was you Walmazan, just from the thumb. You still haven’t had a chance to use your stripping onion! You need to find a reason to use it. :smiley: You need to get the entire naughty collection out there for the masses!




<3 This design warms my heart. =)


I like this design! It’s cute without being overly saccharine (in my opinion), and you really managed to capture that proud, happy look that dogs tend to get when they’re fetching a favorite toy. I also really like the color scheme you used.

It’s not really a style I would probably wear personally, but I wanted to compliment you on the illustration. :slight_smile:


man i really like the colors in this one better but im not to keen on the shirt color… if this was on black i think it would look way better… maybe even on asphalt.


A simple star in 3d. I haven’t tested this one - I can’t find my 3d glasses - but it should pop out relative to the shirt with the center popping out more.

Maybe someone with glasses from the Woot 3 year anniversary shirt can verify this works for me.

Comments and suggestions are appreciated.