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Oh great, who invited Gary?

Here’s some close-up details:

This is an Indian Peacock, the national bird of india. Check out a BIG VERSION here. The design is six colors on asphalt.

Thanks so much for looking, please vote if you like this design! :slight_smile:



Clouds were created with 30 dpi halftones. No gradients. 2 colors on black.
A larger version to see the halftones can be found here.

I wanted to create a shirt with really vibrant colors and intricate henna-styled designs and patterns- hope you enjoy the outcome :slight_smile:


6 Colors, I hope you like it!

Thanks for the help in the pre-derby thread everyone. :slight_smile:


Sari patterns.

What’s the epicenter of Indian art if not the cultural phenomenon known as Bollywood?
Thanks to odysseyroc for the link to this sci-fi epic - YouTube

6 colors on asphalt

Is this Mac compatible?

What does an Indian elephant do after a long, hot day of carting tourists around? They shed their baskets and hop into the Bay of Bengal to cool off …

… skinny dipping at its finest.


1 color on orange.

Not only a pun… this shirt is a tribute to Giriraja “The Forest King”. Check out this project in India to help poor farmers keep up with the industry. [link][/link]

Loved and voted!

Excellent placement too!

this is completely awesommmmmmeeeee.

A momma Elephant and her baby illustrated in Henna!


Here’s a slightly more detailed view

Lovely work, W!

Lol @ the peanuts. ^___^

Based on the traditional rangoli geometrical patterns. 3 colors on black.

Yes, an elephant is big in India. Just like I’m huge in Japan. :wink:

this reminds me of a Journey album cover.

don’t stop believin… hold on to that feelin…