Derby entry comments for Derby #185: Things That Start with the Letter T

I’ll be back…

looks good megsck! i love your style :slight_smile:


Introducing the Brain Busters

“Topiary Turtle T.ree”

A triple threat of awesome. There’s the turtle, the topiary, and the t.ree! They all start with the Letter T.

I’ve missed looking at your stuff!

Aw, yeah. Love the movement here and all the sea stuff. Not a very tasty cup of tea (ew, fishy!) but a good looking one.

saved :slight_smile:

I’m putting $10 aside now, so I can pick this up on thursday.

As a vegetarian, I rely on Tofu’s Zartan-like ability to impersonate others. Like crab and beef. Thanks, tofu.

The idea is that something has gone wrong in time, but this time Marty didn’t erase :slight_smile:

The little guy just has lines for his speech, like how Woodstock talks. It’s supposed to show that he’s trying to communicate, but the size difference means MartyRex can’t hear him.

And yep, it’s meant to be a Delorean!

And he has CILANTRO! Love!

re-worked an old design.
shirt color: brown

Takoyaki is basically japanese fried octopus (technically it can be grilled too but for this I went with fried).

(Also, the colors are bright like on the shirt, not faded like the background image. That was a weird mistake on my part. ^_^*)

Five colors on royal blue, thanks for looking!

I like that the apple is the hero ^^

I want it so badly!

Go taco! go torta!!! Con todo!!!

Searching through the T section of the dictionary for idea I ran in to the word tangram. After trying (and failing) to come up with a decent tangram tiger, I decided to make a little tea pot.

Hope you folks enjoy it!

YES. This is amazing. I am very amused.

Bad ass!

Those truncated triceps never served our friend well on game night…