Derby entry comments for Derby #187: Retro Audio: Records, Tapes, and CDs

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Before the iPod zombie…

This is a five color design on a brown tee. See a BIG VERSION here!

Some close-up details:

Thanks for looking! Please vote. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the preferences in the pre-derby thread!

I <3 the way vinyl records look… just wanted to make a wearable vinyl record shirt: )

So that’s how the final four records in existence have been spending their time. Sit down, relax and enjoy the gentle musings of the famous barbershop quartet, “The Vinyl Four.”


Went simple and graphic this week. Hope you enjoy.

For some reason, I was inspired by the concept of “cassingles” – those short-lived, short-playing cassettes that would just have a song or two. Not that a cassingle is going to look any different than any other cassette. The title comes from a line in a song from the first cassingle I ever bought.

The Comeback.

The player piano disc was one of the first audio storage devices. :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who helped out last night and this morning. Now can I go back to sleep?


A late night invention.

for later…

Ginormograph: Six colors on olive


Back in the Day…

A doodle tribute to retro audio. Seemed fitting to create it in a way that I assume they used back then, so it was almost entirely hand drawn on paper and just colored in photoshop.

Two colors on an asphalt tee. Here is a closeup of the halftones:

Love it! GMV

Since much of this analog media had it’s heyday in the '60s and '70s, I wanted to draw something that felt at home in the past.

Star trails, that’s really clever Budi!

Been like 5 weeks since I’ve derbied… it’s good to be back.

Thanks a ton to odysseyroc, megsck, Nekkochan, fivestring, and midgerock for invaluable inputs during the prederby!

Click here for a big version!

thanks for looookingggg…