Derby entry comments for Derby #189: Woodland Animals

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For the full color version, go here!: [](


The first waterpark built by beavers, for beavers. :slight_smile:

Check out the details in this BIG VERSION. This is a 2 color print on a cream shirt.

Here are a couple of close-ups:

Thanks for looking, please vote if you like this design!


How does an owl in the woodland get any sleep with all the bird racket all around?

rabies!!! (/saved)

Love is beautiful.
And blind.
And shaved.

Neat “werewolf” theme here.

Trying out an odd style.

I was thinking about woodland animals and they all seem to be the same kind of color. Except for one, and he’s not even going to bother to try and blend in. When you’re awesome, you might as well accept it.

I would wear this out 4 sure

6 colors on asphalt.

I get it! But where’s D’Artagnan?

The Squirrel- peaceful naive creature? or terror of the wilderness?

I quite obviously need to vote for this one. Looks great!

Even this guy needs a caffeine break once in a while, you could call him a coffee nut…

I’ll try to post a few detail images later tonight.

He’s not technically one of the 3 yet… and it was too cluttered having a fourth.


Nice work odysseyroc! I really like the scratchiness of the birds (it reminds me of the Broken Saints webcomic from a while back).


Catch 'em with their pants down!

Fashioned as an old newspaper tongue-in-cheek illustration, this 1 color design will look dandy on ladies and gentlemen as it is understated, yet intriguing up-close.It has been designed to have details as to amuse you for a while. The cute and funny illustration reverses the traditional role of man and woodland animals; it begs the question: What if they were the ones hunting mankind? (insert Hitchcock style suspense track here…)