Derby entry comments for Derby #190: Magic

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Any more volunteers?

Here are a couple of details:

This is a six color design on an asphalt tee. See a BIG VERSION here.

Thanks for looking! Please vote if you like this design! ^____^


Harey? Harey Potter? I told you, we’re not supposed to use magic outside Hogwarts! Now look what you’ve done. Maybe we can get Ron Weasel or Hermitcrab Granger to change you back to a boy. Sheesh.

LOOK at the BONES!!!

The Final Countdown
6 colors on Asphalt

“Let’s Try That Again!”

Aside from the obvious, the angle the scythe is at compared to death’s hand is really off.

bringing em back from the deaddddd…

“Rabbit Trick”

Put a rabbit out of a hat?? That’s too easy this is the double self rabbit hat trick. They pull themselves out! Surprise!

It’s too bad they can’t put themselves back. =D

Here is a big one for your viewing pleasure! hope everyone digs it:)

I hope you like this hare-raising adventure! :slight_smile:

Don’t leave your magic wand unattended.

Very cool, great job!

There’s magic everywhere you look; when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. The poor sap is missing the magic right in front of his eyes.

This is my first entry here; any critique would be wonderful :).

Dual entry by myself and greystone9. Original drawing by greystone9. Concept, colors, and digitizing by me.

This mischievous little pixie has had enough of turtles!

This looks much better and more polished than your recent stuff. But that said, before the pitchforks start flying, I’d probably wear it, but I’m think that it might get rejected because the bloody bunny is too similar to fablefire’s “You Guys have to try this” that Tgentry was warning about and like got rejected in the last derby.

But, you did a great job on the background this time around. Not meaning to sound rude, but the background is a heckuva lot better than many of your entries in the past few months.

Looks like I might have to dodge a few pitchforks now too…ah well.

What color is this shirt? Navy? I can’t really tell from the comp. It looks like a dark teal.

Haha, nice!

In my mind the contest is who can be the most twisted this week. :stuck_out_tongue:

not only is the rabbit gone, but he ruined the tied up bandana trick too…nonetheless, he is a crafty son of a gun.

Last time, TGentry explained that he felt there wasn’t enough of a concept involved in the design to separate it from the other. The way he explained it, it was just a bunny and some bones and so was the other shirt. I think this one has more than enough to make it a completely different shirt and concept. I’m glad the extra work paid off, this design took freaking forever to finish.