Derby entry comments for Derby #198: Shirt Titles Reinterpreted

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Thermal currents. The rulers of the air. Inspired by the name of TGentry’s shirt.

Glider pilots look to cloud formations as clues to the updrafts generated by the sun’s heat on the ground, but birds have an innate sense of how to find and use them to stay airborne. Hawks can soar on hot thermals for hours, exerting almost no energy.

This design visualizes these invisible thermodynamics along with some of their passengers. Sequential geometric patterns represent the intensity of the zones.

Check out all the details in this BIG VERSION. This is five colors on blue.

Thanks for looking, please vote if you like this design! :slight_smile:


Inspired by Nothing Wasted.

I saw something weird. Wait, who saw something weird?

Charcoal is delicious.

Thanks to all the color choices earlier:)… to the last moment I was still going back and forth between royal blue and heather gray… something I liked about the royal blue is I felt it gave the ocean more of a painting feel. Hopefully this is the right choice!

“Inspired By Pirate Penguin”


Steal that bird!

I got this idea while watching Yo Gabba Gabba for the first time last year, and it kind of fused with Katamari Damacy.

Thanks for the early support!

What are you doing here, bird?

He makes it rain - what can I say?

Here’s some closeups!

Taco Hell!

I redrew and reworked a previous entry that was rejected because it wasn’t one color (which was a requirement that derby). Hopefully you guys still like the idea, and like the changes I made. Including putting it on cream, with the paper being white.

It still has the ‘sketch’ look, but is now 6 colors.

Thanks :slight_smile:

saved :slight_smile:


inspired by Coffee Liquid Heroism by JenXer74

Here’s the original Feed the Whale :slight_smile:

Love this. I think I’ll try eating one.

The ongoing trail of destruction…

Coffee stain cats. Revamped.