Derby entry comments for Derby #199: Cyberpunk

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(Spider)Web 2.0.

  • A sierpinski triangle web.
  • 40,000 volts of fly-smiting current.
  • 19 billion teraquads of information per second.
  • Also plays smooth jazz.

Here are some details:

This is six colors on a black tee. See a BIG VERSION of the whole thing.

Thanks for looking, please vote if you like this design! :slight_smile:


I hope you like it :slight_smile:

sure, we CAN build cyberbears…but the question is SHOULD we build cyberbears?


How did you manage to make a spider that I think is cute? Anything is possible, I’m a believer now!

Awesome work, Spirit. You’re great at picking eye-popping colors. Very cool, +1!


6 Colors on Navy

Thanks a lot for everyone’s helpful input on this one!

I quit clove cigarettes in favor of carrot.

6 colors on creme.

The Japanese text says “INC”, btw.

It must be the goggles & the cigarette, but my first thought was “if Tank Girl was a rabbit …” It’s cute-done-well, and I like it. +1

Brilliantly done … though by this point, I never really expect any less from you. +1

Oh man, this is AWESOME, lol! I must admit I am not head over heels for bunnies usually. This is very well done. I love the tiny details and the overall feel! Great job, you got +1 here!

This also reminds me of Cat Sh*t One. Seriously some of the nicest animation I’ve seen in awhile. It’s like the anti-Madagascar (shudder).

I might be exposing my ignorance here, but I just don’t “get” this as cyberpunk. I see a glowing spider-web with a lot of triangles, but a solid connection to the theme eludes me. :confused:

Gorgeous work, Robbie! Most excellent retro feel to it as well. +1!

Punny …

Must. Have. This. Shirt.

Cool design, Mattcom! Awesome character work.