Derby entry comments for Derby #203: Red

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My recipe for Strawberry Milk.

Now listen up kids. When a cow and a strawberry love each other very much…

Close-up detail:

This is six colors on a red tee, see a full BIG VERSION here.

Thanks for looking, please vote if you like this design! :slight_smile:


Love is infinite.

Paralithodes camtschaticus
3 colors on cranberry

He’s an admirable ack-bo.

Happy strawberries in your punch!

Zebra With a Sunburn. Or a newspaper. It’s a punchline!

oh yes!

A Rotten Prognosis!

Some detail:

Red Rover!

Haha! Very nice.

And you’re in your wheelhouse too. :slight_smile:

Get the firetruck filled with frontline!!! hope you guys like it, even if cranberry isn’t your flavor haha

there had to be a downside of some sort to living with a big red dog.

I says something later…

have you ever seen the syfy show sanctuary? this reminds me of the end of the 2nd season.

The Red Planet doesn’t take kindly to water in these parts.

Very cool character, Boots. This works great with or without the title because it’s such a nice image. :slight_smile:

Red mage ftw.

Thanks for everyone’s help on this!

Collab with darthapo from

Clickable larger image:

as usual… very jealous of you’re creativity. great shirt