Derby entry comments for Derby #205: Mexico

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reservado :slight_smile:

(And btw for those who were unsure- Zorro means fox in Spanish)

Quetzalcoatl the great feathered serpent has an interesting duality in Mesoamerican folklore as the maker of fire and bringer of rain.

Two representations are intertwined here between the Mayan glyphs for fire and water. This is a four color side print on an asphalt tee. Click here to see a BIG VERSION.

Thanks for looking,
—Spiritgreen :slight_smile:

A little twist on the traditional sugar skull.

Why is the cape going into his mouth?

And now I really really want to eat some, asap!

“Chuy” pronounced “Chewy” is a popular and beloved male nickname in Mexico. Plus who could resist a bandolier stocked with tacos and burritos?

A tribute to classic Lucha Libre movie posters.

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (via Wikipedia)


X-ing ahead

I saw an aztec bird glyph while doing some research and drinky crow poppped into my head. I figured it would be a quick design while I worked on my other one.

Hahaha! You’re awesome, lucky. :smiley:

Re: [Happy Mexican Food!


nice… mmmmmm I likey

Inspired by the carved wood animals made by the people of Oaxaca. 5 colors on grass, all vector halftones.

Dual entry by myself and greystone9.

Ha! I think I would have liked it more if you could have done a less blocky layout (perhaps the lines at a diagonal? I’m not quite sure how), but I like the idea and graphics!:smiley:

Nacho, Esqueleto, and Ramesses in an epic battle!

Very cute, jas’. This is the perfect shirt to get covered in nacho crumbs and salsa. (everyone needs one of those)


Long Live the Dead

1 color on Black
Inspiration - Day of the Dead and Oaxacan Wood Carvings

hope you like!

it’s not, that’s his little sword. I thought of this, why the hell did i not bank on it? i guess i like to make life harder for myself.

sigh hats to ramy…

The many versatile uses of a tortilla … and we haven’t even gotten into options when fried. GMV!