Derby entry comments for Derby #206: Role Reversal

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You owe Jimmy the Egg? You better scramble.


This is six colors on a blue tee, check out the whole thing in close-up here: BIG VERSION.

Thanks for dropping by, please vote if you like this shirt!
—Spiritgreen :slight_smile:

“No Sleep for Mr. Moon”

What if the moon hung around all day while the sun played at night? We’d have one very sleepy moon!

5 colors on navy

i think he’s got you on film, man.

I really wanted to do a guy relieving himself on a cloud …but I didn’t think that would fly.

Pencils think you’re dull!

First rule of Olop: mustaches are compulsory.

This design is 4 colors on grass. Yay!

I love it, this is adorable. Would buy in a heartbeat!

Word up! :slight_smile:

Here we have wildlife overtaking civilization for a change :slight_smile:

here’s a link to larger jpeg of the design

I think you should resubmit with the image higher on the shirt. Do it and I’m in for one.

Was a hard choice. Thanks to the pre-derby thread comments!

We all know that when Frankenstein’s monster was created he shouted with excitement, “It’s Alive!”

But when the table are turned it seems the monster is the one screaming, “It’s DEAD!”

Ol’ Farmer Flower’s gotta get up pretty early to get the most out of Bessie, but it’s worth it.

now with a reworked composition and better colors!

Did you know that a subtantial number of critics, myself included, believe that the witch is actually the children’s mother. :0

Please UNVOTE this version and VOTE for the new improved version here:

Tuna Fish Too: 5 colors on Baby Blue


also, thanks radscoolian and odysseyroc for the suggestions on this one!