Derby entry comments for Derby #207: Things That Start With The Letter O

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Gaming’s most famous musical instrument represented in hundreds of timepieces and parts!

Including: pocket watches, a grandfather clock, chained fob watches, hourglasses, carriage clocks, bracket clocks, a sundial, cuckoo clocks, Foucault’s pendulum, cogs, keys, wall clocks and tower clocks.

This is 4 colors on a navy blue tee, check out the whole thing in close-up here: BIG VERSION.

Thanks for looking, please vote if you like this shirt!
—Spiritgreen :slight_smile:

In Outerspace? Ordering stars? Poking holes in the shirt?

“Old School is Old.”
Alternate title, “Hey you darn kids! Get off my lawn!”
4 colors on red


6 colors on brown–hope you enjoy!

Fold me if you dare! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Veggie-table Dance!

Octopus in the Ocean.

you can put this stuff on anything!!

Happy Elephant, Sleeping Mouse.

Even musical instruments have need of other parts: keys, pedals, stops and even pipes are all fair game as long as they signed their internal parts away on their drivers license! Besides, you don’t need all those pieces after you’ve kicked the proverbial bucket!

You could wear this shirt whenever you feel the need to express your sincere disappr(whooo)val.

Here’s a closer look.

Thanks for viewing/voting!

Six colors on Grass

An optimistic otter playing the omele, an orange overwhelmed octopus on the oboe, and an oblivious ocelot on a ocarina (with an oceanic backdrop).


Adolescent Subhuman Karate Otters!

he’s a star champ you guys, no really, i hope you enjoy it.

i love it!

After defeating his foes in the sea, Octopus with a bubblegun takes to orbit, where they can’t hear you go pew pew pew

As the 4-yo says “Daddy, you don’t remember anything, you’re old!”