Derby entry comments for Derby #208: Four

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When woot says entries can be submitted at noon, what time zone are they in?

Four candies for the fourth doctor.

Four apps of play buttons. Yeah, there’s an app for that.

The first scientists had a much easier table of elements to remember.

4 singing walruses on Cranberry (6 colors)

4 o’clock! time for tea!

Saw a couple of “star” shirts out there, but I’m confident this is different. (unless I missed one.) Hopefully you all agree. :slight_smile:

Bass, Tenor, Alto, Soprano!

it was an accident!

The fourth horseman

I hope you like it!

This time a reworked a old sub, and I’m really happy with the result :slight_smile:

Death on a pale green horse, followed by the wildest and foulest beasts of the earth. Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

4 friends watch a movie,But not The Hippopotamus. Its hard not to be included in the group of 4.

Collaboration between myself and Ignorant. Thanks for looking! :slight_smile:

What the world needs now, is another CMYK t-shirt. Or maybe not. You decide…

The tough guy, Strong Nuclear Force. He binds atoms together:

Miss Electromagnetism, working at a distance to attract and repel charged objects:

Wimpy nerd, Weak Nuclear Force who controls radioactive decay:

And weakest of all but operating over enormous distances the mysterious Gravitational Force.:

Thanks for looking! This is three colors on a kelly green tee. See the BIG VERSION here. Please vote if you like this design!

—Spiritgreen :slight_smile:

They say:
Do not play with fire

+1 for the stache!

Elemental Rose: 6 colors (and a lot of halftones) on Black

Detail (click for full resolution):

Looks like coffee. Maybe a teabag string/tag hanging out of the cup?