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saved :slight_smile:

Your dog loves fire hydrants more than you love your iPhone, it’s like… Facebook for dogs.

Here’s a close-up detail:

See everything in the BIG VERSION here!

Thanks for looking,
—Spiritgreen :slight_smile:


Are you looking for me?

The hunt is on!

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Collaboration with Ignorant. Hope you like it. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for all the pre-derby feedback!

“Just a Little Husky”

I’m not fat! =P Just kidding.

adorable :smiley:

Happy Birthday Gretchen!

  • Louie

Some of my favorite digital doggies.

Dante was right.

5 colors on silver.

Collab with Walmazan–hope you like it!

Every damn year, they make me wear these things.

Mmmm… Almost got it!

Click “like.” woof

that meat butler haunts my dreams too.

great execution, but i think the facebook thing is running its course.

Bahaha! This is fantastic.

they always look like their owner!

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