Derby entry comments for Derby #215: Double-Bagged


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~See a big version~

Shirt.Woot has become a big part of my life over the last year and a half and I would love for this to become one of their shipping bags. Thanks for looking. :slight_smile: Please vote if you like this artwork!



Just be happy you get it at all :wink:


I can’t draw hands and feet. Don’t judge me!!


Crying Robots Make Our Shirts.


Surprise, it’s here!


Hopefully everyone likes this take on the logo as an angelfish. And with a school of shirt-shaped fish in the background. Three inks- black, shirtwoot blue, and woot yellow.



This owl brings your shirts, AND wears your shirts.


Glad to see this subbed! I think you captured the shirt woot memehood well with this excellent bag.


Thank-you for viewing, I hope you like it!


I hope you like this monkliches!


Click here to see a larger version

Thank you everyone for all the help and the wonderful comments in the pre-thread. Hope you like it!


Bigger here!


A slightly less circuitous and far more awesome way of delivering woot shirts. Enjoy (and vote)!


Dapper woot space man shall deliver any where, any time. What you do with your package is your business.

The bag is portrait orientated and has a sequential story to tell.

Click here for a larger version.


Nice job with the planets. But with how strict they werelast time I think those lines count as covering or changing the woot logo.


Nice, I love this one. GMV


This is a redesign I had submitted in a previous bag derby. The original did very well during the weekend, getting to around #8 and climbing, before being rejected that Monday because the ! wasn’t on a solid background. I resubmitted, but of course all my old votes were gone, so it didn’t do nearly as well. So here we go again, with another try.


Woot! Shirt doesn’t want to stay in the bag.