Derby entry comments for Derby #216: Household Chores

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“Clean Sweep”

Like vacuuming but with Penguins.

Take the trash out to the trashcans… or the goats.


Laundry Day.

A collab with my friend, KellySnaps. This was totally her concept. :slight_smile:

Dishes, trash, and laundry have to wait when there are more important things to be done.

its what happens when you don’t sweep for a long long time :slight_smile:

It’s time to knock The Dishes out. Don’t ease up until they throw in the towel.

Click for bigger:
Feed the kitty by Ape Lad, on Flickr

MROWR! Hissssss.

Cats can be so smug sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

All swirly.

Very clever.

That is fabulous for fall. Nice job.

I need this shirt!

“Again? *@%#!#@ those *@%#!#@ bats!!!”

Big Version:

(Note: If you think it’s not a house, yeah it is. His house is a cave.)

hahaha. Very clever indeed. Thanks for a morning chuckle! +1

Dust Bunny Hate Clean!

It scares me that these things could be lurking under my bed. +1

magical mouse…yes its magic but it should still be within the rules since its more from Fantasia than harry potter!