Derby entry comments for Derby #217: Hipster Animals

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Awkward :confused:

Don’t even bother asking what he’s listening to :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re a band that may not even exist yet.

“Raccoon Hipster I Make My Own Hat”

It’s a pain in the butt, but worth it in the end.

Slooooooow jams.

A tribute to Banksy. One Hip Cat!

Thank You for Viewing, Please Vote.

saved or whatever

those fixed gear bikes are just as pointless on land.

He was born underground…

Collab with Kevlar! :slight_smile:


Marbles are so last year…

Hey guys! its been a while since i subed’ been super busy. Hope you guys dig the design!

He eats his bananas before they’re popular. Don’t tell him when they’re ripe; he’ll tell you, then roll his eyes.

Lol scott pilgrim was quite trendy for awhile there. Good design, wonder how legal it is since you are using the last name?

Hipster+ Bunny = A Hopster!

I hope you enjoy it!

i actually voted for this on purpose

Duel entry by greystone9 and dsgnGrl. 6 colors on asphalt.

This T-rex is so totally over this smashing gig.

I dig it, but I’d resub without the argyle in the background.

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