Derby entry comments for Derby #22: Other Words of the Year

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Here’s my first entry for the word Quixotic using definition #1:
1: foolishly impractical especially in the pursuit of ideals; especially : marked by rash lofty romantic ideas or extravagantly chivalrous action

Lofty romantic idea of a young man trying to climb the side of a tall tower to see his love. Only problem, he’s using cardboard boxes on which to climb. Lofty goals, but likely an unachievable outcome. My design for quixotic.

Thank you for your vote!

Hi Everyone!
Please vote for my BLAMESTORM entry! Thank you!!

There ya go… Get the oval peg in the square hole… i dare ya… double dare ya… betcha cant do it…

You can pass the blame round and round… but you cant pass it to the boss!!..

It’s not quixotic 'cuz he found the decoder ring.

Second one in a more abstract style for Conundrum

Mathematical Conundrum 17 Camels - Inheritance Riddle

The 17 camels mathematical conundrum can be found in hundreds of recreational mathematics books, such as those of E. Fourrey (1949) and G. Boucheny (1939). (courtesy of Wikipedia.) Some call it the 1000 year old mathematical conundrum. The conundrum: A dying father wants his 17 camels to be divided amongst his 3 sons. The eldest is to receive 1/2, the middle-son 1/3 and the youngest 1/9. How should this be done without splitting camels?

My design shows 17 collaged camel heads on an contemporary, abstract layout. The bars below the camel heads depict the proportion of camels to be divided among the 3 sons. The longest bar is for the eldest son who is required to get 1/2 of the camels. The middle son is represented by the second-longest bar. This son is required to receive 1/3 of the camels. And, lastly the youngest son is to receive 1/9 of the camels.

Thank you for your votes!

A fun, whimsical take on Charlatan
That Charlatan- What a Quack - Hair Tonic!

Rubber ducky trying to sell hair tonic to a group of bald rubber ducks. He’s not only a salesman, he’s also a client!

Thank you in advance for your votes!

i ahve to stop posting my designs before 12pm…

Sorry, this will probably be rejected due to the fact that Woot cannot print that high up. =(


Ape-athetic? Well played.

Wow that looks great.

Charlatan? or Hypocrite? you decide

I’d buy this in a heartbeat… and if I can’t? THEN I BLAME ALL OF YOU!

Quixotic Rock Legend - Even though you can roxxor the game, you are still not rockin’. You are just tilting at musical windmills, noob.

The 72 dpi version at actual print size:


I would never let you fall

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Stick people often engage in sardoodledom because, well, they’re just not good at subtle expressions.

Please Vote

There is a solution. If you get it, don’t spoil it in the comments! Many thanks.