Derby entry comments for Derby #221: Maps Redux!


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Remember, no matter what, common sense > gps


You try doing it without a map!



6 colors on grass green.


You know when you’ve got your dungeon map and your compass but you still get so lost you end up in another game? Man, I hate when that happens.

This is six colors on grass green. See a BIG VERSION here.

Thanks for checking it out!
—Spiritgreen :^)


It’s a Mind Map of a geek’s brain.


Decided this was a good opportunity to bring this one back :slight_smile: It got about six minutes to compete the first time around, but I redrew it and cleaned up the execution- hope you enjoy the outcome :slight_smile:


This is an idea that instantly popped in my head when I thought maps…

Here is a big picture:


I really drew it with a sharpie. :slight_smile:


I do really like this design… makes me laugh. I remember it from before.


Here there be dragons, wizards, knights and geeks

2 colors on cream

halftones used… will post closeup later.


It shouldn’t have to take a detective to follow a well made map, especially one this insanely accurate. Hope you enjoy!


I’d originally entered this one for the “4” derby, but I think it works just as well here.

Enjoy & thanks!


a simple map of the takeout container.


Yea so I made a bunny map. It was the only way to combine this derby with my favorite winter activity! Thanks for looking :slight_smile:


I hope you like it :slight_smile:


A map and signage system for the home to Hannibal Lecter, “Multiple” Miggs, Charlie “The Mouth” Walker, and “Hawkeye” Kozlowski.

For larger version [url=


I can’t read any of it on my screen.


Very nice.


I don’t recommend visiting Angus Valley.