Derby entry comments for Derby #222: Gadgets to Enhance Everyday Life

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saved :slight_smile:


Solar powered… night vision goggles… for owls.


(Invention: night vision goggles custom-made for nocturnal creatures, with a solar panel belt. It’s the ultimate in pointless gadgetry!)

This is six colors on a navy blue shirt, see all the details in this BIG VERSION.

Thanks for looking, please vote if you like this design!

Pre-measure all your ingredients just right!



Inspired by my recent trip to New York Comic Con.

For when you need a little help ordering those eggs.

Collab with Ignorant… and a thanks to Jeus for sparking the idea. :slight_smile:


wow… fastest rejection I’ve ever seen.

Walmazan and I weren’t going to enter the derby, this week. We were actually getting together to work on our new line of “novelty” hot sauces. We’ve seen all of the super hot “Devil’s eyebrow”, “Punch Yo’ Momma in the Gullet”, type of sauces and thought we’d change the game with super mild sauces! After a 25 hour planning session, we realized that we have no knowledge of sauce making, bottling, distribution, etc. So, we ended up just designing this shirt.

I have always said that I need a CTRL + Z button for my life.

This makes no sense. I love it.

Spiritgreen - that’s great!


I was hoping the iSit 5 would be released first. But I guess i’ll have to do with the iSit 4U.


Oh come on!

If they aren’t “Debonair” then they’re just glasses.

Thanks go to joyelle421 for her help!

so…what, you turn this thing loose in the couch cushions? I’m unclear on what it does.