Derby entry comments for Derby #224: In the Kitchen

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saved :slight_smile:

It’s a pun, see… :slight_smile:

See a BIG VERSION here and check out all the details of this full length print. Ka-pow!

It’s cookin’ time! Toasted nuts, courtesy of your cosmic chefs, the Fantastic Foragers. :smiley:

Thanks for looking! Please vote if you like this design.


Thanks for the pre-derby help!

I don’t think it’s one of those Keebler Elves.

“Cute Has A Flavor”

Just an old spin on a loony toons joke, as told with common kitchen spices!

You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs…

This is what cats do in the kitchen, and on your bed… and on all comfortable surfaces.

Thanks for lookin’ :slight_smile:

A late night kitchen snack.

Excellent lung capacity on this tomaahto. Very excellent. I think it’s a winner. It will make a perfect sauce for our Screamin’ Chili entry in the chili derby.

halftone detail:

They never saw it coming…

Where no spice has gone before.

I love extra frosting

Collaboration with Ignorant. Hope you like it… well, hope you at least get it. :wink:

Here’s the harsh reality of where all those potions come from. Little known fact, fairies liquidate in microwaves instead popping and splattering as most would expect.

Here’s a link to a larger print ready jpeg of the design.

If your serious about cooking, you hate cooking electric stoves. If you hate electric stoves, I hope you like this shirt : )

This looks way better than the real Mario cereal did.

Inspired by my ever-present kitchen assistant, my lovely orange cat named Charlie, as drawn by my Woot partner greystone9.