Derby entry comments for Derby #225: Australia

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saved :slight_smile:

It’s not all about speed any more. Now Aussies are taking it to the next level - salon style.

Close-up detail:

This is six colors on a cream tee, see a BIG VERSION here!

Thanks for looking, please vote if you like this design. :slight_smile:


Koalas are actually pretty irritable. They don’t want to be cute and cuddly. They’d rather be sleeping.

Following a similar design concept as my Africa entry.

Mmm…the McEucalyptis is back!

Australian Shepherd decided to hang out with the local dingos to pick up tips. Maybe, just maybe people would believe she was really from Australia!

I always thought they looked like shark fins.

Sorry for the terrible pun, I was completely running a blank on shirt titles here.

Anyway, frilled lizard! They make me think of umbrellas.

That is adorable and I would so buy one!

Ack it didn’t show the shirt I was referring to… It’s the Koala in a Pocket design =)

Collaboration between my friend Adrian Contreras and me.

I hope you like it!

And thanks Adrian, was such a fun collaborate with you!

Two different tribes. Deep seeded hatred. It all comes down to this.

There are no rhinos and lions in Australia but…what about that suspicious silhouette the country has! Aliens did it? Hope you like it!

So many dots…

On navy

This is based around the Aboriginals’ use of stencil painting to show their presence and association with a site.

I like it…but nothing about it makes me think ‘Australia’. :confused:

If there was ever a time where woot should make a shirt with a real pocket in it, this would be it.

Oh… I see what I did there…

BROALA, the lesser known breed of Koala, can mainly be seen chillin on college campuses shooting its potato gun and playing disc golf.

Hope you enjoy!

Inevitable meme was inevitable.