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Chicxulub, 65 million years BC.

Three dinosaurs take a mid-morning stroll through the forest of ferns, enjoying their usual hobby of LARPing when suddenly…


This is six colors on asphalt. See a BIG VERSION here!

Thanks for looking, please vote to make this into a shirt. :slight_smile:




This one I did with the help of lpcampbe. It’s a multi-purpose shirt, where a) the scene itself might be +CHA, b) the shirt, itself, could impart +CHA; or c) the wearer might be making a statement about YOUR CHA when you’re with them!

Rock and Roll is life!!!

I love to have ways of holding extra stuff when I game, because I often need a lot of food and healy items. It wouldnt be so bad if I didnt tend to walk into lots of minotaur-ridden dungeons. That always ruins my day!

Err, anyways, I had this somewhat silly/cute idea for pouches of holding and wanted to give it a shot. Hope you enjoy!

saved :slight_smile:

Version 2 can be found here.


This one is a mashup of LARPs and modern politics. Almost every RPG I’ve ever played was based in Tolkien’s world (even when we were using D&D mechanivs). The only time I’ve ever LARPED (at GenCon several years ago – yes, I go most every year, since I live 20 minutes away), the campaign was set just outside of Bree, and one of the players was insistent that he was going to run for mayor, and kept coming up with slogans for his campaign.

Him:“A Hobbit in every pot!”
Me: “You know hobbits are supposed to be the good guys, right?”
Him: “Oh. Well, they’re small. Nobody’d notice if a few of ‘em went missing…”

Since then, I’ve played [MERP](””), [LotR RPG](””), [MECCG](””), a lifetime account on [LotRO MMPG](””), and for Christmas I got the new [The One Ring RPG](””). (I also finished 9th in the world in [LotR CCG](””) – and debated whether CCG’s would be considered RPG’s in this derby).

Now, since “Mayor of Bree” isn’t very exciting, it seemed more likely that Sauron, were he being RP’d in our world, would be running for higher office, so here’s one of his campaign posters for the LARP campaign. In choosing style, I figured we’d want to use early 20th Century propagandistic styling, updated and popularized again in 2008 by Shepard Fairey.

Too much tweeting can lead to a beating.

This one I did with the help of lpcampbe. As a big fan of Tangled, she was quite insistent that the frying pan do the most damage.

I chose “Charisma” for the prevailing social/community reputation, “Dexterity” for the prevailing motion reputation, and “Strength” for the powerful guts. Really hope you like this!

A natural roll of 20 always is a hit… as I hope this shirt to be.

They are Natural with no additives or modifiers, and they are fabulous.

Nothing is more real world to me than Vegas, so I wanted to do RPGs Vegas style.

for later

This one was a mashup of one of my favorite activities (playing music, music composition) and RPG’s, with the twist of the music being determined by the dice.

You can see it bigger on my flickr:
iTroll by Ape Lad, on Flickr

That almost rhymes.

It’s cool, but I don’t see the everyday life part.