Derby entry comments for Derby #232: Motivation

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As a neuroscience nerd, the brain is the first place my mind went (no pun intended, or something like that) when I saw the theme. This design is supposed to represent the place where an idea hits, and the synapses that fire off as a chain reaction from that point to create an idea. The biggest motivator for me is having a stroke of inspiration to create something, and so that’s what I wanted to represent here. Hope you enjoy the outcome :slight_smile:

Get ripped in 2012. :slight_smile:

(or just eat more crullers, it could go either way)

Close-up detail:

This is six colors on an asphalt tee. View a BIG VERSION here!

Thanks for looking, please vote to make this a shirt. :slight_smile:


Coffee is my motivation for waking up in the morning. That’s gotta be bigger than a venti. I’ll take two!



It’s been a while since I submitted a cat entry. Not my normal concept, but this one seemed fun. What better incentive for a little bird to get his butt in the air!

Hope you all like it.

Little Piggy has made the decision of not being the next plate of delicious bacon. I can relate… not on the being eaten part or being bacon… oh well… I guess I can’t relate.

Here’s a link to a larger jpeg for detail.

Thanks in advance for the votes and support.

It was a bad day all around…

Collab with Odysseyroc

Motivated by deeply planted wrath malware

While I’m waiting to get motivated, I can doodle a bit. Don’t try to look for any meaning in the doodles – just random scribbles.

This was my wife’s idea - Chocolate is motivation for everything!

(I used lots of halftones for shading, particular larger areas, so that the shirt won’t be uncomfortable from too much ink)

A design from my Tall Grass series

Extreme motivation in 3… 2… 1…

Make like a tree…and RUN!!

The rabbit is the carrot…motivation…for the carrot to keep going.

Wrath malware … good one. GMV!

This is based on the true story of my old TV

You can embiggen at the following link,
Embiggen Here.
and as always, comments, critiques, opinions, etc… are welcome. Happy Almost New Year everyone.

love it!

Saved, but in the meantime, it’s 6 colors on silver.