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[The Mask Collector (v 2.0)


V2 is up, please revote! Thanks!](

Our friend here has the best mask collection in all of hyrule- looks like he’s gonna need a bigger wall though :slight_smile: An ode to one of my favorite games ever, inspired by Gerold Weschenmoser. This is hands-down the longest I’ve ever spent on an entry. Hope you enjoy

The other pigs aren’t really impressed. Unless he’s bathing all the time, he’s going to be pretty hot in the summer! (Pigs don’t have sweat glands, that’s why they cool down in mud).

New version is here:


Hey! Congratulations, we are as lost as it’s possible to get. The most lost. There is no greater degree of lostness.

Are we even in the same game anymore, elf? People are going to start calling you the Hero of Lost. In colored words. Not something cool like the Hero of Time, or Wind or Sky… oh no, the hero of refusing to stop and ask directions. Hey!


This is six colors on a grass green tee. See the whole BIG VERSION here!

Thanks for looking, please vote if you like this design. :slight_smile:

I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to anyone who expected better from me.



Collab with Ignorant.

Twinned with the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota, it’s the World’s Biggest* Hairball!

(*by 1 cat)


This is six colors on a blue tee. See the whole BIG VERSION here!

Thanks for looking, please vote if you like this design. :slight_smile:

Haaaaaaag! Haaaaaaaaag! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag!

And the Outrageous Acheivement in Accidental Toothpick Swallowing goes to…

I like a powerful cup of coffee, but this takes it too far.

I know glow in the dark isn’t allowed in the derby, but I’d love if it were.

Boxes! Best. Toy. EVER! It doesn’t matter what came in the box, playing with the actual box is much more fun than whatever came inside. I don’t know how many of you have kids, but seeing as we were all kids at some point, I bet a lot of you can agree with this! I hope you all like this design! I’d appreciate any feedback! :smiley:

All the prime numbers under 10,000–but only one of them can claim the title of “Most Even”

Hey gang! I hope people like the design and here’s a link to a larger jpeg of the design for details.

Yes that’s a cat and a pug in the design. To me they symbolized staring the most. Cats with their unflinching locked stare and the pug with its huge bulging eyes looking every which way. Ever try having a staring contest with a cat or pug? Cat, yes. Pug, no.

On the topic of pugs, [sidebar] I have always wanted one. If I were to have one I would name him Niegel and he would have a British accent.
And he would wear a smoking jacket and blue ascot, because blues my favorite color and
a smoking jacket… because a pug in a smoking jacket would be cute and funny.
Please excuse my ramblings…

Excellent! +1

shirt.woot’s Plainest T-Shirt Ever! I know the real reason you all buy shirts from shirt.woot… it’s the way the 100% cotton Tees feel. The clever designs are just an added plus. Now, I bet you all have woken up at some point and thought, “boy, I wish I had a plain cotton tee that was as comfy as those from shirt.woot, but also had a fake pocket that I could store imaginary things, rather than a real useful pocket that I could store… non-imaginary things,” then this is the shirt for you! And if you’ve never woken with these thoughts, then I encourage you to think them right now!

What the-? :smiley: That’s awesome.

(we’re on the same hairball-wavelength this week too)

This is great! GMV

What can I say? This is awesome!
Great mind use the same shampoo. :slight_smile:

Butter by the stick. Is there any other way to eat it?!