Derby entry comments for Derby #244: Breakfast Mascots


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saved :slight_smile:


Oh yeah! He gets to be bacon, he knows how lucky he is!

Thanks for looking, please vote to make this a t-shirt. :slight_smile:


So. This submission is a year and a day later than my very first derby sub. Since my first submission was steampunk inspired I figured I’d go full circle.

Thanks to anyone and everyone who has thrown me a word of encouragement, a vote, or a thinly veiled threat against my life these past 367 (leap year wierrrrd) days!


Madame Les Oeufs Magnifique and Her Delicious Sidekick, Monsieur Le Bacon Extraordinaire


Deliciously Rare!


If you don’t want me to say you have a few screws loose, I’d vote for this design. :wink:




Who doesn’t love a good bear claw?

The mascot on this is the bear but more importantly his claws…


Collab with Ignorant. Hope you like it.


This superfood is a fast, nutritious, on-the-go breakfast!


'Cause they love him!


Hahaha winner!


This one is crazy good, Kevlar!


for later…


Love it. Classy :stuck_out_tongue:


hahahahaha I love it!! It’s Polar Bear Revenge!:D:D


Clever! I like!


Before you tell me that Candadian bacon is round. Please note that when illustrated it looks like bologna. Simple as that. I knew what I was doing and I did it anyways, so NYAH!

And if you still think I did wrong, just remember the 2nd to the last line of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 theme:

“I should really just relax.”


Bracconli! A new transgenic product, both tasty and healthy! made with bacon and broccoli!!! Hope you like it!