Derby entry comments for Derby #258: Beauty Within

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This design is cute and love the colors - my two favs - lavender and gray. Only thing I’m worried is this will get rejected because of the text…since the rules say no text :frowning: Hope the designer sees this and resubs before its too late. Would love to buy this one!

Inside every machine is the ghost of nature we had endeavored to emulate. I’m not really sure how the previous sentence holds up for those most useless machines floating around, but uhh… tree.

Also: I realize I have hijacked the title for my own purposes. Gilbert Ryle and all the other dead philosophers can have it back after I am done. Promise.

Be Unique! Be Yourself!

Loyalty - the willingness to make a personal sacrifice to strengthen a relationship.

I consider myself a Loyal Friend. So, if any of my buddies turns into a zombie, they can count on me to “help” them!

Why did the dog need to have a pen!s?

This is my favorite in the derby by far!

The rules states “No text only designs”, which means text is allowed, but there should be some graphical element as well.

This design is allowed.

Went a little looser with this one. Even the smallest of creatures (and people!) are capable of big, big love, caring, sacrifice and selflessness! Er, I hope. Six colors on brown.

Awesome design this week!

Thanks. It was really AWESOME to work together with Walmazan this week, a true legend. Thanks for the opportunity man. It was fun.

While the general idea is cute this is certainly not one of your best designs.

I was trying to capture the inner serenity one feels while listening to violin music.

Oh, hey the comments are working. I hope y’all like my robot, he likes you!

I love this design so very much. Got my vote!

Because he’s a male dog?

This is absolutely stunning. Most certainly got my vote.

This might be a silly question, but does double tap refer to shotguns? And I guess my follow up question would be are those shotgun shells?

I love this. If I could find stuff like this inside rocks I’d be cracking them open ALL day long.

Personality and inner beauty are more important than exterior looks, especially if those looks turn people into stone.