Derby entry comments for Derby #259: Comfort Food

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To quote the friend who actually gave me the idea for this… “In the dread city R’lyeh, Great Cthulhu lies watching Storage Wars.”

I wonder if sucking the souls/sanity out of a person would be like sucking the meat off a chicken wing. Mmm.

Six colors, asphalt.

I love smores… and for some reason Animal by Neon Trees always makes me want some more!

Not just for college students anymore!

saved :slight_smile:

Hilarious. I’m not sure the rejectionator won’t take issue with it, though.

A favorite of a certain green grouch.

Collab with collinvh. I did the lines and collin rocked the colors. Hope you like it.

Comforting tea.

But if you don’t eat the big one first your dead… talk about bad meat…

Macaroni class picture. Stand elbow to elbow and say cheese!

Yeah he pretty much does every time! Great lines too!

I didn’t have much time to make something, but I came up with this, though I’m working on something else :slight_smile: Hope you like it!

Triple threat! lol

I know there has been a 5 second rule shirt, but that was the view of the bacteria, this is the life or death scenario of a clumsy lollipop.

The colors, man! the colors…


Haha, nice one.

I love Chex Party Mix - in fact, I made some last night while working on this design.

Combine that with my love for US History and a sick sense of humor, and this is what you get!

Dripping with cheese and tastes like heaven. Love it!