Derby entry comments for Derby #26: Graffiti

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First one:
“My Boy Basquiat - A True Urban Legend”. His wild hair is made from rough outlines of the New York city skyline. :slight_smile: From the streets of New York city to gallery walls, here’s my tribute to one of my favorite raw graffiti artists Jean-Michel Basquiat. He’s drawn like a painting with drip marks and all and hangs above the city that he made his canvas.

I ended up changing my idea a little - It’s now a sea monstar and its creator!!! - but anyway, this design uses the a 3d-abstract graffiti style inspired by jazi. Enjoy.

For those who aren’t familiar, light graffiti is done with a time-lapse camera and lighted objects (glow sticks, flashlights, etc). It’s a very cool and non-destructive form of graffiti.

“Urban Scrawl - Where you At?” Whether your defacing public works, walls, streets or sidewalks, I’ve got you covered. Major metropolitan area codes are scrawled on this work work including 213,212,818,419,714,415 and more. Where you at?

Way crazy, James! I like it. +1

“Graffit is not a crime - well, maybe sometimes.” You could read this shirt as a cry to stop violence and crime…or that graffiti is not a crime. In many cases, there are some beautiful works by graffiti artists which should be celebrated and viewed as legitimate art rather than vandalism. This is the shirt to celebrate the graffiti artists who create urban masterpieces. :slight_smile:

An homage to Banksy in a lighhearted wearable design…

I designed this shirt after I saw a sign that had the word “war” written on it. A photo that I took of the sign is below.

What can I say, turtle are cute, so you should vote for this one. ^^

Thank you!

Super cool.

Wow. <3

This is awesome. Glad to see you back, Annie!

Nice Motown reference.

Love the idea, but the baby has the body of a wrestler

=) Thanks! It’s been awhile. n_n;

Really cute, Adder! I like the colors you used.

Just a note: does not mean “Absent Without Official Leave” Although people seeing you wear this shirt won’t know that. It stands for “A Way Of Life”. That can mean whatever you want it to! What do you think?

YAY!! Diggin’ the rodent!!