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As an English teacher, I really enjoy reading The Outsiders with my students, but every time we read the line “Stay gold, Ponyboy” I can’t help but giggle and think of My Little Pony. This idea has been sitting in my brain for months. I think a touch of gold ink would be perfect! Vote if you love The Outsiders! Vote if you love ponies! Let’s do it for Johnny!


Tarantino’s mysterious suitcase… the golden glow inside… mystery solved.

This is six colors (including metallic gold ink) on a silver shirt. See a big version here! (image)

Thanks for looking, please vote if you like this design,




Manekineko, or luckycat. Something simple and clean and a cat that isn’t lol.

Six colors on red.


This is pretty much a phoenix made out of paint and glitter, which is what I’d be making in kindergarten if I knew what a phoenix was back then.

Five colors on black.


Yeap, the gold parts and the word “precioussssss” will actually glitter with the new ink!

Detail showing the gold ink “effect”:


“14 Karat Gold”

This little bunny has found the fabled 14 Karat gold mine! She’s set for life.


Absolutely gorgeous! Most phoenix shirts I’d never wear but this one? In a heart beat!


So comfy.


Well I procrastinated working on my design but figured I should still get first… jk


This design was rejected for copyright problems in another derby, and shirt.woot asked /in the rejection info) to rework and resubmit, so here it is again!!! :D:D Hope you like!:smiley:


Ok, people: Zelda Shirt: Yeah or Nay?


for later…


Have we ever actually SEEN this amount in-game? Or does it go from 99-0? Not a critique; I’m just curious.


As far as Zelda shirts go, it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. Still not for me, but definitely works in a lot more than a dude in a green sock hat or three triangles that make a bigger one.


Somewhere, in an alternate universe, this fearsome duo is thundering across the steppes, pursuing their quarry. They are pure animal instinct and ferocity. If you’re close enough to smell their hot, dusty hides, you won’t live to tell about it.

I guess all the time I spent reading Heavy Metal magazine in my teens hasn’t gone to waste. Think of it as Frazetta-esque, and it’ll make more sense.


Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow.


this is great !!! I know several people who would wear this as a joke / with pride


Heh. Heheh. Heheh.

I do see a rejectionation coming for this one, despite it’s hilarity.