Derby entry comments for Derby #262: Gold


Beautiful design, this is some great work :slight_smile:


i don’t get it… and why is the bottom one doing the shocker??


Am I the only one that sees that this shirt got rejected because it screams incest? I admit I kind of laughed but in a “this is sick and I can’t laugh at this in front of others” sort of way…


Tired of all those cash for gold ads… Maybe they could be effective if they gave bacon for your gold. I know this guy who could totally hook you up. Don’t ask where the bacon comes from though, okay? cool


Really, incest? It’s more of a double entendre. But eggs are gross anyway, do you know what an egg is, like really? Here’s a hint, it’s not a baby chicken.


drum roll…


I would totally vote for a collab like that, too cute and funny. For now I’m rooting for this baby dragon.


Reminds me of the old Hostess comic book ads.


You have outdone yourself, Kharma. Best of luck.


That fish is pissed.


Better if it was at the back of the shirt.


You can see this one better but i reckon the darker one would print awesome gmv


Be nice. Go for the good ending.


I couldn’t play it any other way.


You said it much better than I could have. This is brilliant.


This one’s gonna rise. I can feel it in me bones, yar.


I’m gonna agree here. It’s not “chibi”. It’s “cute” and that’s how we do it in America! cue fireworks and jet planes


Fantastic! I’d wear the hell out of this shirt and then give it a foot massage.


What am I looking at here?


Someone likes to walk the razor’s edge.