Derby entry comments for Derby #262: Gold


Thanks! My idea was that he is revealing the veins in the rock so he can expand his hoard. So hands off, treasure hunters!


Oh, that’s funny!


Yes!!! Collab, collab!!!


I’m so glad that someone did something with the Golden Ratio. Simple. Perfect.


I REALLY want this as a shirt.




Awe… this is so sad =[


thanks a lot


i knew that it was not impossible to print. i was about to make some searchs to make sure but sir orabbit answered perfectly


I think the squished image makes it look like the cat is ‘hanging’ a little more than I wanted. I’m glad you like the colors though! I assure you I tried to make it look like it was jumping but I shall take note!


thanks alot for the precise technical input orabbit san :-))


Amazing work Qetza! +1


In baiting a mousetrap with cheese, always leave room for the mouse.


This design is based on the “Egg” which is the answer to a Riddle from the book “The Hobbit” which is the prequel to The Lord of the Rings series of books/movies. The Hobbit movie will be in theaters later this year and it looks to be amazing. A must see for all Lord of the Rings fans out there. I hand inked the design with micron inking markers and did the colors in PS5. The egg is done in an Art Nouveau style with enter twined curves and curls that will be done in metallic Gold ink. :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’m glad you like it ^^.


This image is just too dark! I can’t see it.


this is a killer illo


Well that’d be the hardest working dragon I’ve ever heard of! :wink:

I have an overactive imagination, so maybe you’ll get a kick out of the what I thought it was.

It looked to me like some sort of origin story of gold. Gold comes from a golden dragon who crawls underground and scratches at the earth, and where his claws marked the stone, gold is created. Then someday centuries later it’s dug up by greedy dwarves and crafted into coins and treasures that are later stolen and hoarded by another dragon. It’s a great circle of wonder!


It could also look like a dragon shooting lightning from his claws, but that doesn’t make much sense to me, hehe

It’d be nice if the earthen wall was more visible, or if he was located inside an underground cave or tunnel or something to reinforce that point.


Ze tabby cat has a dilemma: scaredy fishie is too precious to be eaten, but hungry kitty is hungry.

Fishie knows the kitty wants some noms. Fishie thinks “noms” are some kind of catnip or some stupid yarn ball. But then kitty starts staring at fishie…